Tour Best Product Sapphire Green

Sapphire Green

  • Minimises earthworm activity on the soil surface
  • No detrimental impact on worms
  • Contains no active chemicals, only deterrents
  • Highly effective in early and late season

Sapphire Green is a combination of harmless fertiliser ingredients which helps to suppress worm casts with no detrimental impact to the worm. Sapphire Green contains no active chemicals, but still dramatically reduces worm casts. Laboratory trials have shown that earthworms will move away from treated areas, either deeper into the soil or away from the treated area entirely. Sapphire Green can be used all year round, but will have greatest effect in the early and late season whilst worms are closest to the surface of the soil.

Application information:

  • Spray when worms are near the surface during Spring and Autumn months.
  • Avoid spraying in drought or frozen ground conditions. DO NOT mix with products which acidify water.

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    Product category image above the data table
    Approx. Longevity2-3 weeks
    SGN/particle size
    Cutting height> 2mm
    Nitrogen source
    Guaranteed Analysis15-0-0 + SO₃
    Organic Matter
    Additional Elements82.5% SO₃
    Pack Size10 lts
    Coverage2,500-5,000 m2
    Application Information
    Application Rate20-40 lts/ha
    Water rate400-800 lts/ha
    Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)