Tour Best Product Optik Tank Cleaner

Optik Tank Cleaner

  • Improves spray efficiency of the following application using the sprayer
  • Removes deposits and other debris from tanks, hoses, filters, screens and nozzles
  • Non-hazardous – will not corrode equipment
  • Harmless to turf grass and the environment

Optik Tank Cleaner is specially formulated to remove pesticide deposits and other debris, including oily substances, from tanks, hoses, booms, filters, screens and nozzles. Tank Cleaner was developed to handle difficult to clean agricultural chemicals, including sulfonylurea herbicides and sticky formulations.

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    Product category image above the data table
    Approx. Longevity
    SGN/particle size
    Cutting height
    Nitrogen source
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Organic Matter
    Additional Elements
    Pack Size5 lts
    Application Information
    Application Rate1 lt
    Water rate200 lts