Tour Best Product Optik Anti Foam

Optik Anti-Foam

  • Improves tank mixability of difficult to spray fertilisers and chemicals
  • Helps to prevent the initial build-up of foam
  • Also acts as a de-foamer when applied to the tank mix
  • Contains 16% dimethylpolysiloxane

Optik Anti-Foam is a silicone based anti-foam and de-foaming agent. Optik Anti-Foam should ideally be added to the spray tank before a pesticide or product which is known to foam. Alternatively, if foaming is already present in the tank, Optik Anti-Foam can be added with agitation for the foam to be quickly quelled.

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    Approx. Longevity
    SGN/particle size
    Cutting height
    Nitrogen source
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Organic Matter
    Additional Elements
    Pack Size1 lt
    Application Information
    Application Rate15-75 ml
    Water rate200 lts