Tour Best Product Humik N25

Humik N25 25-0-0

  • High nitrogen content for excellent growth with no phosphorous or potassium input
  • Positively affects soil chemistry and microbial activity
  • Helps hold nutrients and moisture in the rootzone for longer
  • Particularly effective in sand-based rootzones where microbial activity is lower

Humik N25 is a new technology slow release outfield fertiliser. Humik N25 is a complex of humates and nitrogen which can only be broken down through microbial activity. Using Humik N25 will provide all the benefits of slow release nitrogen, including; sustained growth, fewer growth flushes and less nitrate leaching. It will also provide the added benefits of humates through soil building and an increase in C.E.C.

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    Product category image above the data table
    Approx. Longevity6-10 weeks
    SGN150 – 250
    Cutting height> 10 mm
    Nitrogen source1.5% organic, 11.3% ammonium, 12.4% urea
    Trace elements
    Guaranteed Analysis25-0-0
    Organic Matter46.6%
    Pack Size20 kgs
    Coverage500-1,000 m2
    Application Information
    Application Rate20-40 g/m2
    Water rate
    Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)