Tour Best product C spray 1000L

C Spray Optimum Greens NPK 18-9-9

  • Contains two nitrogen sources
  • Comprehensive organic additive package
  • Mixes with all TourBest liquids to enable a balanced nutritional program
  • Minimises soil nutrient loss through leaching
  • Added seaweed and trace element package for additional turf health

C Spray Optimum Greens Liquid 18-9-9 is a perfectly balanced fertiliser with a comprehensive NPK ratio. The 18-9-9 liquid contains ammoniacal and urea nitrogen sources which provide a two stage nitrogen release. This ensures there is always nitrogen available to the plant during the main season, without promoting excessive growth.

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    Product category image above the data table
    Approx. Longevity2 – 4 weeks
    SGN/particle size
    Cutting height> 2mm
    Nitrogen source2.7% ammonium, 15.3% urea
    Guaranteed Analysis18-9-9
    Organic Matter
    Additional Elements
    Pack Size1,000 lts
    Coverage10 – 50 ha
    Application Information
    Application Rate20 – 100 lts/ha
    Water rate300 lts/ha
    Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)