Tour Best Product Asset Titanium

Asset Titanium

  • Offers television friendly, deep green sports surfaces in shaded areas of stadia
  • Particularly effective where growing lights are used
  • Maintains optimum aesthetics for all sports and amenity turf without excess growth
  • Ideal for use on any shaded area of turf

Asset Titanium is a new innovative foliar nutrition formulation to enhance the overall colour and plant health properties of quality sports turf. High iron inputs to increase chlorophyll production on stadium pitches causes the gradual acidification of the sand-based rootzones. The Titanium (Ti) content is able to replace iron in the production of chlorophyll and can be used at far lower application rates, to alleviate chlorosis. The unique combination of Titanium and a sustainable bio-polymer, enhances turf colour without high iron input.

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    Product category image above the data table
    Approx. Longevity4-6 weeks
    SGN/particle size
    Cutting height>2mm
    Nitrogen source
    Guaranteed Analysis0.6% Ti
    Organic Matter
    Additional Elements0.5% Fe, 3.0% Mn, 6.3% Zn, 0.3% B
    Pack Size1 lt
    Coverage3,300-10,000 m2
    Application Information
    Application Rate1-3 lt/ha
    Water rate300-600 lt/ha
    Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)